My Story

Hi there, I am Juliana. In 2015 I was rushed to the emergency room by my son Lance. At the hospital, I was diagnosed with a ruptured gallbladder and in need of immediate surgery. I was overweight with dangerously high cholesterol. I knew that I needed to make a lifestyle change.
My three-month recovery was transformational. I used that time to study nutritional theories, diets, and what my body need for optimal health. What I learned is that it is difficult to get the daily requirement of nutrients to function at our peak capacity, so in an effort to adjust to my new normal, I began juicing. With guidance and encouragement from my son, I made fresh green juice every day packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. My body began changing immediately by incorporating daily walking as exercise.  My energy and vitality skyrocketed, and when I returned to work after my three-month recovery, my friends, family, and coworkers noticed my weight loss of over 66 lbs and wanted in on my secret. From that day, MadeFreshOrganic was born. I wanted to help others around me not just lose weight, but be as healthy as possible.
Today MadeFreshOrganic serves products all over the community of Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County. We are expanding our products to offer Veggie Wraps, Salads, black bean tacos superfood booster shots and more. 
Our products are made fresh from organic fruits and vegetables with no artificial colors or preservatives

Juliana Rivera